Project Description:
In this Foundation Studies project, students are asked to make a moving image project that uses the Prelinger Archive as a material point of departure. Once this short moving image project is formed, students have the option to join this silent video with an original score that they record and edit.

Project Learning Objectives:
• begin to understand the power and process of working within an archive as source material and point of departure for a moving image project.
• to learn how to work with these found films as a sculptor would work with found objects.
• to consider the impact of editing on the meaning of a work.
• to re-consider the power of text as image.
• to understand the impact that a title can have on how we frame and understand a work of art.
• to begin to experiment with and understand the profound impact that sound can have on a moving image.
• to expand on their experience with recording, composing and editing sound.
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