Project Description:
In this Foundation Studies project, students construct a self-portrait assemblage that addresses notions of the self in expanded, open-ended and abstract ways in response to some of the strategies that are at play in the work of the sculptor Noah Purifoy. Although there are no specific size requirements, their assemblage must activate the space between the floor and the wall and actually touch both of these surfaces (supports) using a variety of “found objects”, fiber based materials, wood and paint.

Project Objectives:
• Each student will imagine ways to construct a self-portrait using alternative objects and materials to create a work that speaks to how they see themselves in the world.
• Continue our exploration into the possibility that one object may be joined with others to create new possibilities for sculptural form.
• Consider how to choose and incorporate “found objects” in a meaningful way into your work.
• Consider how the use and function of a found object can inform the meaning and reading of a work of art.
• Students continue to work with wood tools and construction methods as they fully engage with the force of gravity while building their assemblage.
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