Project Description:
In this Foundation Studies project, students consider how light, emanating from and passing through an object, can impact the place where it exists. Each student designs and fabricates a light-emitting object that combines with the work of their peers to create a collaborative field of objects and light installation.

Project Objectives:
• Consider the possibility of light as presence and material within three dimensional form and space.
• Begin to work with wood tools and construction methods.
• Mine the built environment for pattern and document those patterns through still photography.
• Use photographed patterns from the built environment to inspire patterns that students draw to use in their light emitting object design.
• Use new fabrication technologies as students learn how to “vectorize” a small hand drawing and scale it up in the computer to prepare their pattern to be cut into cardboard via the C & C machine.
• Learn how a cut out pattern can interact with light and transform an object and related space.
• Consider how an ephemeral material, such as light, may be used in concert with 3-D form.
• Begin to work collaboratively with your peers to engage and transform the space of the gallery with the light emitting objects.
• Consider how an object, when repeated as a “multiple” can begin to impact and create new possibilities for sculptural form.
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