Duration of films: GATHER (18 minutes) / SHED (11 minutes) / LIFT (15 minutes)

GATHER / SHED / LIFT are a film trilogy that has been scored by composer Barbara White for a combination of flute, harp and viola and percussion. The completed film trilogy was premiered in concert at Princeton University on October 13, 2008. The music for the film trilogy is performed by Janus Trio and may be presented in live performance or projected via DVD in an installation format. The first film, LIFT, was commissioned by the Boston Musica Viva and was premiered in October 2005.

In these films, I began by locating a site, such as a city rooftop, farmer’s field or empty swimming pool that became an envelope for a filmed performance action. Each film records an event where the body is in the process of moving, collecting or releasing a variety of objects in what become intentionally open narratives. These films celebrate the physical humor of early silent films through the use of accumulated gestures that verge on the absurd and an interruption of real-time recording. This film trilogy is a meditation on the transient nature of our bodies, the spaces they inhabit and the objects they encounter within the human construct of time.

The Boston Globe: Musica Viva Goes Back to the Future · by David Weininger, October 10, 2005