Load & Effort

Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival
 Chicago, IL

Durational Performance by 
Alison Crocetta and Peter Reese

Date: June 12, 2014

Load & Effort is a durational performance that stems from our desire to make a collaborative work that can only be realized by two performers who operate in tandem but never touch. This work is a direct response to Defibrillator’s storefront windows, as this action will be choreographed to reinforce the mirrored nature of its architecture. During this performance, we will sing a one-verse song entitled Simple Gifts. Singing this Shaker work-hymn a cappella will serve as a dynamic counterpoint to our immobile status during the performance. We will merge our voices to create a sonic equivalent to the stereo configuration of the gallery windows. This project, our first collaboration together, celebrates the economy of simple machines while making a case for stillness within performance practice.

Review by Chelsea Niemi here.