The Map is Not the Territory at the Forum for Contemporary Art in St. Louis, MO., 6 September- 2 November 1996. The exhibition occupied both floors of the museum. Each floor contained an installation that was also the context for performance(s).

First Floor:
The world map image is a 25’ x 18’ ellipse that was constructed with 3/4” metal strapping and filled with 14 mm clear glass marbles. The elliptical track is 29’ x 20’ and 6 inches wide. The track hangs at 6’ from a network of 32 evenly spaced cables. 16 cables go from the track to the column and 16 cables go from the track to the walls. The track is constructed from 3/4” plywood and plastic. The walker mechanism and plastic cone shaped helmet were worn during two performances. Walking meditation (performance) duration: two and one half hours.

Third Floor:
This installation and performances occupied the third floor gallery (65’L x 30’W x 12’H). Each umbrella structure is approx. 8.5’H x 10’ in diameter at floor. The materials used were umbrella armatures, rawhide vinyl, and a ring of flexible tubing. A 12 inch, slightly convex mirror is attached to the ceiling above each structure. These umbrella structures housed a performer in each structure. The mirrors served as a means for viewing the performances. Duration of performances: two hours.


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